My name is Solomon Keal. I am a minister for the General Church of the New Jerusalem, which is a Swedenborgian Christian denomination. These are some of my thoughts about the Lord, the symbolic meanings in the Bible, life after death, faith, charity, usefulness, loving the Lord and one's neighbor, the 2nd Coming, Swedenborg's Writings, and other theological stuff.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Video of my Dissertation Presentation

My theological school dissertation is entitled: "Comparing the Divine, Heavenly and Natural Marriages," and this is my presentation of that dissertation.  It compares the marriage of the Lord and the Church with the marriage of our hearts and minds, the marriage of goodness and truth, and the marriage of a husband and wife. This study is based on the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, and the doctrines of the Swedenborgian Christian denomination known as the General Church of the New Jerusalem. The dissertation can be read here.  The presentation can be watched here: Part One, Part Two.